About BeMyFitnessMate


To improve the health and fitness of people by working out together. Shedding unwanted body weight not only makes everyone fitter, but it also empowers them to achieve their goals and having a positive mindset.

What is BeMyFitnessMate?

BeMyFitnessMate changes the way we workout by connecting you with other people who have committed to being more fit and accountable for finishing their goals.

You choose the time to workout and BeMyFitnessMate pairs you with an accountability buddy for a session with an online/virtual workout partner that will motivate you.

Why did I create BeMyFitnessMate?

After my third child was born and working from home, I spent quite some time struggling the motivation to workout at home – all by myself. In the past, I did start like a million times, I tried the gym, running with friends, or joining a club. But I didn’t workout often enough to get into a routine. With the workload and the children at home, it seemed to be even more complicated.

Eventually, I have participated in an online workout class as – due to the Corona lock down – no on-site classes were offered. After the class was completed I continued working out with the other workout buddies. And this has been a life changer for me! I can workout (from home) even if one of my kids runs around. Now, I have an appointment penciled in weekly and I am sticking with it. No more postponing my workout plans.

Is BeMyFitnessMate for You?

It doesn’t matter whether you work at home or somewhere else, you can slot your workout in at any time of the day. Before work, during your lunch break, or after work.

Some BeMyFitnessMate users have struggled with postponing workout for years, while others simply want to boost their fitness.

It also doesn’t matter if you would fall in the obese, underweight, skinny fat or “regular” body shape category.

We are all united by the wish to exercise – either to shed some weight, gain (muscle) weight, or to be more toned and lean.

This is definitely for you if
– you are looking for a workout buddy
– you have postponed your workout time and again
– you do not enjoy working out by yourself, but you can’t meet up with anyone in person due to various circumstances

So if you want to start working out, look no further and sign up for your first session!